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Hello Everyone

We hope that you have all either enjoyed your time at Woodlarks this year or are looking forward to coming along in the next couple of weeks. It has been a terrific season so far although the last few weeks have been a bit damp, there has still been a wonderful atmosphere on site. Thank you all for making Woodlarks so special.

We are going to start something we have not done before which we hope will be a great way for everyone to become more involved in Woodlarks even when you are not here on site.

We are going to ask you to see what creative and fun ways you can come up with to raise some money to enable Woodlarks to fund three projects which we are going to do during the coming closed season. These projects, amongst all of the other normal closed season improvements and maintenance work our volunteers do, will continue to improve the facilities that you are able to enjoy when you are here. This project will be known as the Woodlarks 2017 Appeal.

The three projects are

  1. Purchase a new larger tent = £1640

We are going to replace one of our white bunk house tents with a larger version, we do have one of these already on site and it has proved very popular with the camps that have used it. It will have a wooden base like the existing one shown in the photo (the tent in the photo is being replaced with one that has two doors and windows, this tent was incorrectly manufactured and the supplier is replacing it. J ).

  1. Upgrading the plant room to BC. £6,000

We are upgrading the plant room in BC to ensure the quantity and quality of water required is maintained. This is essential work.

  1. New beds that fold up for the old dorm. 4 beds at £790 each = £3160

We are going to replace the beds in the old dorm with much better beds that are far more appropriate to the needs of you, our campers. The new beds will be very robust and we will be able to fold them up so that when camps want to use the old dorm for crafts or entertainment etc, we can fold the beds away to give you a far better space to be in. We shall actually be aiming to purchase 10 beds, two have already been funded (thank you Trekkers and Odyssians camps) and we shall be trying to fund the other four

Total cost £10,800

These projects are on top of other projects that we are currently trying to plan / fund, these include a new boiler for the swimming pool, a new roof on the pool pump house. Major works on the pool, completely refurbishing the aerial runway, new large timber tent base, repairing the driveway and pool path plus numerous other maintenance jobs.

The total of £10,800 is a lot of money and it will be a challenge to raise that much, however, the Woodlarks community are an inspirational group of people and when motivated, can achieve most challenges they face.

Ideas to raise funds could be a sponsored event such as a swim, walk, silence, slim etc or doing a cake sale, coffee morning, maybe younger Woodlarkers could get their class or school involved etc. If you tell us what you are doing we will try to get it on our website or Facebook page to let others know what you are doing. Please don’t think you need to go out and raise hundreds of pounds for your event, whatever you manage to raise will be very gratefully received and will go into the general pot to fund all three projects.

We shall be using the website & Facebook to keep updating how we are all doing with this challenge. Let us see how much we can raise and how much fun we can all have doing it.

Nick & Sarah have said that they will start the ball rolling by pledging £50 by donating the proceeds from a garage sale they shall be doing (does this mean they will finally be able to get into their garage? J !!!!)

Cheques can be sent to Sarah at the below address or you can use the MyDonate page .

Please let Sarah know that the cheque is for the Woodlarks 2017 appeal or that you have used the MyDonate page so that your funds go into the right pot. Sarah’s e-mail is woodlarks103@btinternet.com

Woodlarks Camp Site

Tilford Road



GU10 3RN


All funds raised shall go into one pot of money so that as one project is funded, all new proceeds go into the next project and then the next.


In a couple of weeks we shall be starting a second project where we shall be asking if people would care to donate the cost of a pint / glass of wine per month by direct debit to support the running of the pool and Woodlarks in general. We shall be hoping to get at least 100 people signed up in the first year, 100 more in the second year, 100 more in year three until we get to our target of 500 people signed up. If anyone wants to be among the first to do this, here is the link.

Woodlarks 2017-8 appeal

Regards to All